GN Olsson Rare Hardware & Materials Emporium for Furniture & Architectural Features

GN Olsson Hardware, Leather, Fabric, Timber,
Veneer, Mirror, Wicker, Cane & Gold – Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Traditional Authentic Materials

We literally go to the four corners of the earth to source the correct, traditionally authentic material for your commissioned piece.


Cabinet timbers – Hand selected for grain character and strength - Local timber and imported, exotic timber - Ebony, silky oak, Tasmanian oak, American oak, English Oak, Oak, Queensland Cedar, Queensland Maple, Mahogany, Huon Pine, Brown Pine, Kauri Pine, Hoop Pine, European Beech, Walnut, Rosewood, recycled timbers, and many more. Hardwoods are not recommended for furniture, however, we do use them upon request.


Veneers and premium veneered plys, oyster cuts, rosewood, walnut, maple and burr maple, fruitwoods, burl and highly figured veneers, and inlay materials.


Imported and locally Warehoused Fabrics and traditional upholstery materials – On display at various Fabric Houses. Also, horse hair, coconut fibre, goose feather, gimps, leather covered tacks, ornate tacks.


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Leather Sample

Leather houses – English and European premium leather for upholstery, wall paneling and desktops. Also basil, Moroccan, game animal, kangaroo, saddlery and harness leathers

Gold Latch

English solid brass fittings – handles, knobs, drops, bolts and table screws, catches, hinges, locks, keys, escutcheons, steel and brass slot head countersunk screws, castors, ormolu mounts, feet, mounts, capitals, mouldings and galleries, extension table fittings and winders, castor cups, box fittings, finials, mirror movements, hanging plates, hooks, brass bed fittings, motifs, Bakelite, piano sconces

Stainless window

Glass – curved, shaped, beveled, mirror, etched, ripple, old, stained glass, leadlight, federation glass, coloured glass, safety glass, polished edge glass, patterned glass, decorative glass, table and desk top glass, glass shelving


Baise/ Felt – English Haynesworth felt, baize

Box Pattern

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English and imported inlay materials – fruitwoods, mother of pearl, abalone, brass, stringing, custom design and reproduction marquetry design, decorative porcelain, inlay bandings, boxwood lines, satinwood, kingwood, and artificials.


Clock Parts - English and European clock, barometer, music box and instrument parts supply

Leather Inlay

Imported German 22ct Gold – roll gold and gold leaf


Rocking horse fittings – mane, tail, saddlery fittings, decals, saddle cloths

Cane Chair

Cane and wicker – imported sea grass, rattan, rush seat, split cane, sheet cane, beading, Danish cord


Glues and Finishes - including shellac and animal glues


Electrical and Electronics - computer cable, audio visual fitting allowances, cabinet lighting


For all enquiries about becoming a supplier of traditional, authentic materials to GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, please contact us.