GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen - Rare Craft & Trade Shoppes - Armoury, Framer, Bookbinder, Gramaphone & Music Box Technician, Rocking Horse Man, Ecclesiastic & Oriental Chinese Artifact Artisans - Design, Make, Replicate, Repair, Restoration & Conservation

GN Olsson Armour, Book, Frame,
Gramaphone, Ecclesiastical & Artifact –
Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen - Rare Craft & Trade Shoppes –
Armoury, Framer, Bookbinder, Gramophone & Music Box Technician,
Rocking Horse Man, Ecclesiastic & Oriental Chinese Artifact Artisans –
Design, Make, Replicate, Repair, Restoration & Conservation.


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen offer a complete design and custom build service.

We are Approved Service Providers with the Australian Antique and Art Dealers’ Association and listed as a commercial provider and member on the website of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials. With more than 30 years of experience, you can trust GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen to meet your repair, restoration & conservation needs.

Man working

Our highly skilled craftsmen and women, have learned these old arts, crafts, and trades in the traditional olde school style. We recommend and favour the old techniques using original and authentic materials where possible.


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Download our pdf brochures to peruse more information on the rare and the unusual, including sculpture, music box, writing box, jewellery box, tea caddy, cigar box, display box, cutlery canteen, trophy, church artifact, scales, chest, barrel, piano, instrument, instrument case, collectable, sewing machine, mirror frame, picture frame, antique frame, and photo frame. For other general publications and brochures, click here.

pdfSummertime Magic This article discusses handcrafted, unique and personalised gifts, antiques as gifts, and the household preparations for receiving family and guests over the holiday season.


pdfSilver Anniversary of GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen After 25 years of service, we decided to share photos of some of the more unusual commissions we’ve received over the years.

Ferret in box

Out of the Box This link takes you a case study article on our box filled webpage. It will give you insight into the lengths we go to for our clients. ‘Out of the Box’ is an international story about a commission to custom make a keepsake box to hold and protect handcrafted $400 000 gold and diamond encrusted crystal glasses. They were a showpiece for an international gala shop opening at a Jewellery Shop at Old Bond St in London. World of Antiques magazine published an pdfinternational news editorial on the event.


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Rare Crafts Lane

Scroll as you stroll down our virtual Olde Worlde Lane, for more detail.


Ye Olde Armoury & Blacksmith Forge

See GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen for reproductions, repair, restoration and conservation of your gun, sword, weapon, armour, shield, military items, display cabinet, chainmail. Ask about our blacksmith and traditional metal craft.


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Ye Olde Bookbindery


Treat your rare and precious books to a European trained, authentic traditional bookbinder. Traditional gold finishing and hand stitching, restoration and conservation for private and public collections. One-offs and custom small runs, a specialty. Ask about our custom book box service.

Whether you have a family heirloom book or bible, a high use or favourite book, or an antiquarian manuscript we do basic repairs, sympathetic restoration and conservation work, by hand, to exacting standards.  Any book which is falling apart, or which has seen better days will be transformed back to its former glory.  We pride ourselves on retaining as much of the original book as is possible, even rebinding utilising original covers and spine.  Re-sewing, headbands and paper restoration are also included in our services.  We do professional bookbinding for books from modern to antiquarian times.


In cases where the cover is completely missing, we bind using methods and materials appropriate to the era and country where the book was originally bound. We can also replicate most binding, should you require an exact match. Our custom covers enable an almost limitless array of options, so we are sure to be able to please.


The gold is 23.5ct genuine gold, and a wide variety of bookbinding cloths, leathers and colours are sourced locally and from overseas. A store of genuine old papers and reproduction papers ensures an excellent match wherever replacement is required. Our English artisan provides us with magnificent hand marbled papers made in time honoured fashion.


For that unique, exquisite, personalised gift (and corporate gifts) look no further than a rebound book with a personalised cover.


We make book boxes or cases, from premium materials using the same traditional bookbinding methods. They come in a wide range of sizes, look just like a book, and are fully lined. You can choose a custom design, or an imitation of any book. Beautiful and long lasting, they are perfect for conservation, fun, or secrecy! You may like to incorporate your choice in heading text, logo or other motifs. Book boxes are excellent for storing books, rare papers, prints, manuscripts, collectibles and much more.


Perhaps to encourage the budding poet, author, photographer or artist you could bind their creative outpourings into what would surely become an heirloom. Likewise, you may professionally bind an amateur, academic work, or corporate manuscript. A family history could be bound perhaps, or pages and images covering a special occassion – a legacy for future generations. Your imagination is the only limitation.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the excellent value, given the traditional craftsmanship and premium materials which go into each commissioned piece.

Bookbinding Exhibit

Enjoy a peek into The Bookbindery Photo Gallery for some wonderful images, including workshop photos and amazing before and after shots.

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Ye Olde Gramophone and Music Box Shoppe

Timbres es vue

Let the music of yesteryear live on. We’ll make, restore or conserve your gramophone cabinet and music box. Go to Music box works service: heading on the clocks webpage. Our technicians will have the internal works serviced and repaired to exacting standards. We supply spare parts for gramophones and music boxes, and have a micro-engineer who makes and repairs original parts.

Music Box

Ask us about cabinetry repairs to your gramaphone cabinet or portable gramaphone, including replacement of missing fretwork. We offer a full technical service for maintaining and repairing the turntable and works.


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Ye Olde Framing Shoppe


Let us design, custom make, or repair your mirror frame and picture frame. Avail yourself of our picture and mirror frame restoration and conservation expertise, including, carving, gilding, gesso work, timber and inlay work and specialty glazing.

Wall frame

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Photograph and Portrait Restoration & Reproductions

Before and After

Before and After 2

photo restored

Our artistic photograph technician provides a combination of “computer technology” and “traditional hand finishing” skills to conserve, restore, copy and enhance your old photos and portraits.  Techniques employed include hand colouring and digital retouching to bring your photographic treasures and heirlooms back to their former glory.  Share the family heritage by arranging multiple copies in our wide range of old style reproduction frames.

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Sewing Machine Repairs

Is your vintage sewing machine in need of a stitch in time? Let us arrange its service and repair. A Singer sewing machine treadle base can readily be repaired, and given back its gold highlights. Ask about anything from spare parts, to full restoration of the sewing cabinet or table.

Sewing Machine

We also repair, and do restoration and conservation work on antique sewing tables.

Sewing table

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The Music Shoppe

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen offer a full repair and restoration service for timber, veneer and leather on your piano, pianola, organ, stools, instrument cases, and alike. Ask about our gold or blind embossing of a monogramme, initials, logo, or crest, for your case, carcass or cabinet.


We only ever use professional piano removalists.
We can fit in with the schedule of your piano tuner to minimise removal expenses.

Music case

We make and restore music cabinets.

Music cabinets

We make and restore piano stools.

Piano stool

Ask us to repair or replace sconces, hinges or other fittings.
We also do insurance work, such as repair water and transport removal damage.


Don’t hesitate to ask for something a little out of the ordinary.
We can reline, reupholster or recover instrument cases in felt, leather or velvet.


Ask about our gold or blind embossing of a monogramme, initials, logo, or crest, for your case, carcass or cabinet.


We can custom make unique and personalised items.


We are approved service providers known for our sympathetic restoration and conservation services.

We are usually commissioned to work on fine antique pieces, or items valued for their provenance, nostalgia and heirloom qualities.

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The Rocking Horse Man & Toy Shoppe

Rocking horse

Unless you are lucky enough to have a rocking horse heirloom in your family, you will find quality rocking horses very hard to come by. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen can make you a finely crafted rocking horse. Ask for a unique custom design or reproduction horse.

We also bring rocking horses back to their former glory. Let us look after your timeless friend from childhood days. Choose from either a strict adherence to authentic restoration and conservation, or ask Gary to lend his artistry to the task, giving a more realistic appeal.

Rocking horse

Keep all the pieces from your horse, as they can be reused and may be of great assistance to us, as we research the maker and age of your horse.

We can provide authentic spare parts, or you may prefer to have us handcraft your saddle and bridle from premium saddlery leather and high quality buckles and fittings.

Rocking horses have an interesting history. pdfClick here to download a pdf article on the subject.

For all other toy enquiries, just ask.

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Stained Glass

Ask for a quotation from GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen for Ecclesiastical Interiors, Furniture and Artifacts for either Cathedral or Church enhancement. They are a team of highly skilled tradesmen and women who use traditional methods and authentic, premium materials.

Past commissions are listed in our Testimonial webpage.

Our jewellers, engravers, gold and silver smiths are highly skilled at making, restoring and conserving artifacts.


We can custom design, or make new furniture to match existing furniture.


Our leadlight and stain glass specialists are second to none in their artistic ability.

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Oriental & Chinese

Interiors, Furniture & Artifacts

Chinese cabinet

We design, make, repair, and carry out restoration and conservation of
antique and modern oriental furniture and artifacts.

Chinese statue

We are keen to engage in interiors projects done in styles from nations all over the globe.

Ask about our services for furniture, interiors and artifacts from all over the world.

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Ye Olde Gold & Silver Smithy


Contact us for all your gold and silver smith requirements, including electroplating.

Ask about crafting new items of precious and semi-precious metals either custom or reproduction.

Our micro engineers and jewellers will ensure all your repair, restoration and conservation requirements are met.


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Artifacts & Sculpture

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen are commissioned to do a wide range of repair, restoration and conservation work to artifacts, sculptures, collectibles and Australiana.

We are Approved Service Providers with the Australian Antique and Art Dealers’ Association, and listed as a commercial provider and member of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials.


Ask Gary if your particular needs can be addressed.


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen make high quality custom and reproduction collection and display boxes, cabinets, tables and chests of drawers. We also repair, restore and conserve display and storage furniture.


For purpose built display and archive requirements don’t hesitate to ask.