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Enjoy our case study!

Out of the Box! Symbiosis in Craftsmanship

Champagne glassesGN OLSSON Mastercraftsmen were requested by John Calleija, (Master Jeweller and Owner of Calleija Jewellers of Marina Mirage, Gold Coast) to design a custom, presentation keepsake box for what is believed to be the world’s most expensive champagne glasses. These commissioned glasses hand carved from quartz rock crystal, were diamond encrusted and trimmed with rose and white gold. It is the anticipated destiny of these glasses, to become an heirloom for the new owners’ descendants. So, the box was commissioned to keep the glasses safe and protected during all the likely activities over future centuries. This is what GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen pride themselves on, as their slogan reflects, “Today’s investments . . . tomorrow’s antiques and heirlooms”.

Serendipitously, the glasses were loaned back to John Calleija, by the new owners, for the official toasting of the opening of his new Calleija Jewellers boutique in Old Bond St, London. Therefore, the box, when opened for display, was designed to let light play amongst the diamonds and the carved quartz crystal glasses to exquisite effect.

Champagne glass close-upChampagne glass close-up

Fit for royalty, the sparkling pair of champagne glasses consisted of approximately 15ct of white diamonds and 6ct of the rare Argyle pink diamonds. Embellished with platinum 18ct white and rose gold, they incorporated an amazing 1700 diamonds in total.

Champagne glass planIt was somewhat of a design challenge for GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, to make the box. Particularly since the glasses had not themselves been completed at the time the box was commissioned. However, precise drawings of the champagne glasses were made available. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen hand turned a model champagne glass from solid cedar. It was useful throughout the design process and later, for quality control.

For safe keeping, the upholstered interior was required to prevent the glasses from rolling into each other or onto the hard sides of the box. The inner upholstery, traditionally moulded, ensured no movement was possible in any direction once the lid was closed. Midnight (Blue) Carlton Velvet linings covered strategically chosen low and high density foams. This overlaid a pre-moulded and laminated solid timber base. Timber naturally expands and contracts with climatic variation over time. Laminations were incorporated in the timber mould situated under the foam, Solid cedar modelto minimise the risk of such movement. Thus, unsightly gaps in joints which might otherwise show through the velvet, were unlikely to ever occur. The upholstery inside the lid was a decorative, diamond buttoned pad stitched with a floral motif. It was created in velvet overlaying the softest of all the foams. It was to hold the glasses firmly in the box, but not be so firm that the glasses might crack or shatter. The shimmery, dark blue velvet was chosen in keeping with the Calleija Jewellers’ corporate colour. Most importantly, it offers an excellent contrast colour to highlight the light and colour emanating from the carved quartz crystal, the rose and white diamonds, and the rose and white gold.

The box, itself, is a work of art, founded on hand selection of the finest fiddle back grain character in Queensland Red Cedar. Queensland Red Cedar was chosen to continue the highlighting and showcasing of Australian raw materials and craftsmanship to the anticipated international audience. African ebony trim was incorporated on each edge and in the feathered mitre joints to give longevity to the strength of the box and an undeniable aesthetic quality to the externally visible joints. Ebony was chosen as it complemented diamonds and gold. The ebony had a similar high value and lustre, yet a mysterious, strong, contrasting colour.

Box cornerChampagne glasses in boxBox hinge

Under normal circumstances brass fittings would have been used for such a box, however, the colour theme in the glasses would result in a mismatch. Also, the client wished to avoid the prospect of tarnishing. Given the anticipated centuries of life of this heirloom of the future, chrome plated brass was not an option. With this in mind, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen especially engineered stainless steel fittings, including the escutcheon, classic style key, locking plate, and quadrant hinges.

This is a particularly intricate part of the box, as the fittings represent very fine craftsmanship by the micro engineer. Also, stainless steel is notoriously a very hard and difficult metal to work with. In the end, it was worth this extra effort, as the silver of the stainless steel was a clever match for the silver of the white gold on the champagne glasses. Likely, the initial of the client, “E”, would be included in the oval of the key tab, as jeweller’s final touches continue post delivery.

Box keyThe box would be placed on a range of surfaces during its life, and as is traditionally appropriate, baise (felt) was used to line the underneath of the box. This ensured scratching would not occur on the tops of furniture upon which it would be placed. Highest grade, black, English Haynesworth baise was chosen, to complement the black ebony trim.

The box was French polished in a traditional pure shellac base, which was then built up with a premium quality lacquer finish. It was spray applied and then fully hand finished. This deviation from using pure shellac, was to give a harder wearing finish, yet retain the crystal clear reflection so typically associated with shellac finishes. Staining was kept to a minimum to ensure the box remained as crystal clear as the champagne glasses it held. With great clarity, the beautiful Queensland Red Cedar fiddle back grain could be admired. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen polishing method ensured the box appeared obviously of Queensland Red Cedar, yet it still resonated the characteristic rich, dark timber corporate tones of the Calleija Jewellers shop.

Champagne glassesThe classique corporate image of Calleija Jewellers’ rich, dark blue soft furnishings and rich, dark timbers was staunchly reflected in the box design. John might inlay jewels into the polished cedar box later on. One would think in future, if the makers stamp were not apparent, that it would immediately be evident upon inspection, that one is looking at a Calleija piece. Much the same way one can walk into a room of a renown interior designer and just know intuitively by the colours, format and style, that it must be the mark of a particular artist. Surely that is what custom design is all about - no matter how large or small the commission.

Various media outlets covered Claudia Schiffer’s role in the international, official, gala opening of Calleija Jeweller’s Old Bond St boutique. The editor of the World of Antiques Magazine published an article in the International Outlook editorial. The internationally acclaimed champagne glasses were both aesthetically beautiful and functionally stunning.

On opening night, the box displayed the glasses with superlative and sumptuous impact, yet did not overshadow the obvious mastery of the $400 000 diamond encrusted champagne glasses. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen were honoured to receive such a unique commission. Australians can be proud of the award winning local and international achievements of Calleija Jewellers and wish them every success with their venture in Old Bond St, London.