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GN Olsson Alter & Convert Furniture, Interiors & Artifacts - Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen - Alter & Convert Furniture, Interiors and Artifacts - Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast - Design, alterations and conversion service for antique and contemporary applications


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen specialise in achieving a final appearance of being completely original, and unaltered.  We use methods and materials which are as close a match as possible, to that used in the original work.  As a result, the change is difficult, if not impossible, to discern. 

Examples of projects we have engaged in:

Design an overmantle to match sideboard


Convert furniture so it can achieve a new purpose


Increasing table heights


We also:

  • Remove or correct incorrect alterations made by previous owners and tradesmen
  • Extensive research to discern correct original form
  • Replacing missing sections – cornice, base, doors, handles
  • Changing double beds to queen and king size beds
  • Change furniture, so it all appears to be from the one suite
  • Changing the finish, polish, paint, including colour and shine matching to other items
  • Renovations, alterations and conversions for interiors and antique interiors
  • Fit second hand joinery and architectural fittings, so they appear original in your home
  • Alter & modify architectural features

Side Bulding

For a brochure, follow the links below:

pdfEverything old is new again (Note: Scroll down to see heading, once downloaded)

pdfWhich is which?

pdfIntricate joinery and architectural features – traditionally crafted to last

pdfClassic company - Corporate furniture, honour boards, joinery and tableware

We maximise the value and longevity of your treasured assets.

Today’s investments… Tomorrow’s heritage, antiques and heirlooms