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GN Olsson Designer-Furniture, Library &
Interior Design. Veneer & Leather Design –
Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Australia

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, established 1983 – Classical & Contemporary Australian Designer – Interiors, Library, Furniture, Clock, Box, Frame, Desk and Tableware.  Registered Designer who is also classically trained in the application of traditional methods & premium materials.

Design Excellence

Design Drawing

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen - Original Designs

Perhaps you’d enjoy the surprise of trusting to artistic freedom, and traditional craftsmanship.  Designs are created from as much or little input as you’d like to give.  Gary Olsson has been designing furniture and architectural features for nearly 30 years.  Gary is a registered member of the Furniture Designers Association.


You, as Designer

Whether you wish to design something from your imagination, sketches, or photographs we can help.  Have you ever considered yourself a designer, but just need some technical and logistical assistance to see your project design evolve into a commissioned piece to be proud of?  Now is your chance!


Your Interior Designer

We can work with or for your interior designer.  We can also offer collegiate services of  interior and furniture designers from our network of highly experienced and talented people. 
GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen have been working with local and internationally famous designers for decades and are sure to shine in a winning design team.

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Designs to Complement Your Existing Interiors

Perhaps you’d like an item designed to look as though it was always part of the original suite you already own.  GN Olsson specialise in getting the functionality, proportions and aesthetics right, in choice of style, timbers, fittings and with moulding and carving embellishments.  No one but you will realise the new item was not part of the original suite, or the original architectural setting.


Reproduction Designs

Reproductions are typically exact copies, or replicas of classical and antique furniture.  There is no reason why modern and contemporary designs cannot be copied either.  You may like an exact copy of an item you already possess.  Perhaps you’ve got a photo or drawing of something you’d like made.  Anything is possible.


Antique Influence or Antique Style

Alternatively, you may just like the suggestion of coming from a particular era or style, rather than chasing a perfect copy.  We have a lot of knowledge and experience and an enviable reference library and research network.


You may like the crisp, new look and feel of such items, or you may prefer us to antique (age) the item, so it is not readily discernable as a non-antique.



Creating Tomorrows antiques and heirlooms!