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*AICCM does not confer any special status upon GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen.

Gary Olsson, Proprietor of GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, is a registered Private Practice Conservator Member & Conservation Supplier of the AICCM (Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Materials).

Since joining the institute in 2007, Gary has been registered on line as a Conservation Supplier in Timber; Tools; Fabrics; Leather and Accessories; Framing; Metals, Ceramics, Stone and Glass.

Registered on the AICCM directory:

Special Interest Areas:



Gilded Objects



Outdoor cultural material and built heritage

About the business

Antique, Australiana and Furniture Conservation and Restoration, Reproductions, Leather and Gilding, Timber, Veneer

Est 1983 following design, bespoke and restoration training by Harvey Bros, sons of LJ Harvey.

Mechanical and Ornate Metal and Leather on Transport & Machinery

Cabinetmaking, Joinery, Blacksmithing, Wood Carving, Steam Engine Qualifications

Approved Service Provider to AAADA.

Other conservation services

Specialist technicians in timber, leather, glass, metal, porcelain, stone, cane, and paintings, portraits and photographs.

Rare and specialist mastercraftsmen and women from a wide variety of fields.

Makers of traditional displays, display furniture, display frames, with museum quality glazing, lighting and environmental control.

Authentic, traditional, conservation, restoration and repairs

Intricate and Heritage Joinery, Australiana outbuildings and gates

Furniture, Clocks, Frames, Mirrors, Instruments,

Leather & Lined Items

Transport & Machinery – vintage and horse drawn, steam engines and stationary engines

Boxes, Armoury, Toys, Books, Artifacts, Australiana, Collectibles

Accredited, trusted and experienced.


Stone Inlay

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In 2002, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen joined the vetted ranks of the AAADA (Australian Antique & Art Dealers’ Association) as Approved Service Supplier, specifically for the services of Furniture Restoration & Conservation and Gilding.

Under the Furniture Restoration & Conservation category it describes GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen services, “Antique conservation, restoration and reproductions (replicas).  Custom classic and corporate executive furniture, intricate and heritage joinery.  22ct gold embossed leather inserts for desks.”

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen services are described under the Gold Embossing on Leather category as:  “22ct gold embossed English leather for desks, mouse pads, desk blotters, boardroom and table placemats and coasters.  Bookshelf edging, reception counters, and wall panelling.  Custom embossing.  Leather covered tacks and embossed upholstery leather.”

Display Cabinet

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Museums and Galleries of NSW

In 2010 Gary went through yet another vetting process to become a Registered Consultant with the Museums and Galleries of NSW. GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen are one of the foundation Registered Consultants with the listing, “Expertise: Frames, Furniture, Training, Business administration, Project management, Strategic/ Master planning, Historical research, Technical research, Writing critical, Writing editorial, Writing interpretive”

GN Olsson is also registered as a Museums and Galleries of NSW “Consultant and Private Practice Technician – Timber, Tools, Fabrics, Leather and Accessories, Framing, Metals, Ceramics, Stone and Glass. Traditional Antique Conservation, Restoration, Furniture and Artifacts, Frames, Reproductions, Leather and Gilding, Intricate & Heritage Joinery, timber, veneers and leather for transport, glass, curved glass, leadlights, mirrors, clocks, barometers, cane, wicker, baise, felt, polishing, carving, turning, upholstery, blacksmith, gold and silver smith, bookbinder.”


With more than pdf25 years experience in antique restoration and conservation, Gary Olsson is recommended and trusted for Antique Restoration and Conservation.

Under the Code of Ethics of AICCM, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen is governed by an informed respect for cultural property, its unique character and significance and the people or person who created it.  In the conservation of cultural material, we engage in commissions with an unswerving respect for the physical, historic, aesthetic and cultural integrity of the object.  We strive to attain the highest standards in all aspects of conservation, including examination, research, documentation, conservation advice, treatment, training and education.

For sympathetic restoration or conservation treatments on furniture, frames and artifacts, please contact us to arrange your commission.  Whether it be for museum antiquities, museum antiques, museum furniture, private collections, public collections or that special family heirloom, all items are treated with deserving reverence and respect for their representation of craftsmanship from yesteryear.

Additionally we can craft custom made display cabinets or museum display cabinets to optimize conservation conditions and display aesthetics for your prized item or collection.

Panel Decor

“Conservation” will be clearly marked in the heading of Conservation Quotes and Estimates.


Some AICCM definitions and distinctions:

Conservation is about preventing damage and loss to our cultural heritage.

Conservators aim to minimise change to collection material, to protect items from the adverse effects of climate and chemical deterioration, and to safeguard our heritage not only for here and now but for generations to come.

Conservation activities include preservation, restoration, examination, documentation, research, advice, treatment, preventive conservation, training and education.

The term preservation refers to the protection of cultural property by minimising chemical and physical deterioration. Improved storage conditions and environmental control plays a big part in this. The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of cultural material.

Restoration involves treatments that enhance the interpretation of cultural heritage—e.g. inpainting losses in an oil painting so that the original appearance of the image is maintained. Restoration may also involve the reassembly of displaced components, removal of extraneous matter or integrating new materials or components in order to stabilise and strengthen the original artefact.


AICCM Conservators

  • choose methods of minimal intervention, focusing on stabilisation and retaining original material.
  •  use materials with good ageing characteristics and where possible, treatment methods that are reversible.
  • document the condition of an object through written reports and photographs, both before and after treatment, in order to retain records of what has been changed, for future owners and caretakers.
  • adhere to the AICCM Code of ethics and practice

CONSERVATION  – the care of cultural material which may include preservation, restoration, examination, documentation, research, advice, treatment, preventive conservation, training and education.

PRESERVATION – the protection of cultural property through activities that minimise chemical and physical deterioration and damage, and that prevent loss of information. The primary goal of preservation is to prolong the existence of cultural material.

RESTORATION – The treatment of cultural property through minimal intervention to enhance its interpretation. Restoration may involve the reassembly of displaced components, removal of extraneous matter, or re-integration using new materials.

EXAMINATION – The investigation of the structure, materials, and condition of cultural material including the identification of the extent and causes of alteration and deterioration.

DOCUMENTATION – The recording in a permanent form (text and graphic) of information derived from conservation activities.


AICCM Carer Guides:

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Machinery, Clocks and Scientific Instruments



Ceramics and Glass



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GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen – Conservation – Antique Interiors, Furniture, Clock, Frame, Box, Armour & Artifact