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GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast.
Free Quotes and Estimates for both insurance and private enquiries.

To keep costs down and minimise inconvenience, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen provide 95% of estimates or quotes from online photos viewed. With more than 40 years of experience, Gary knows what to expect, and pays close attention to what you show and tell him. Typically, what is estimated is the same as what is charged. In rare cases we may need to inspect the item. Nearly all jobs can be estimated first.

The occasional exception is when something is not known from the email correspondence, or from the photos provided by the client. Once the item/s arrive at the workshop, Gary checks to see if there is anything unforeseen, before he commences. If something only becomes obvious after the work has commenced we will contact you and let you know further options and costs, as applicable.

For your free estimate from photos:

What to send to us:

Photos as email attachments, sized 200KB to 1MB

Photos of the whole item and close ups of damage.

Photos of front, side and back of upholstered items.

Written descriptions are often helpful.

Provide your name, address, phone number and email address please.

Scroll down for more detailed instructions.

We don’t wish to waste your valuable time, so read on for some pointers to minimise money and time expenditure!

Gary always says…

Pretty much anything can be repaired or made, but whether it is viable or not is the determining issue.

A) If the item was manufactured between today and 1970

it is not likely to be a wise investment to repair.

You would only ask for an estimate in such a case, for sentimental reasons; or if it were an heirloom, or if you particularly like it, and money is not an issue.

Even items manufactured as long ago as the early 1900s, may not be a viable investment to repair.

There are always exceptions, for instance, custom made gallery furnishings, items which hold great provenance, if the damage is very minor, or if it is one item from a much larger suite.

B) If you are chasing the lowest estimate or quote…

We will never be your lowest cost estimate.

We are renown and highly regarded for doing what is traditionally correct in repair and construction, ensuring longevity and maximising the items value.

C) If you desire a custom made, bespoke piece.

Please send a photo of it, or a similar item, if we are copying something,

If you are designing something, send a photo of the drawing/ rough hand sketch.

It can be helpful to show us the space it will occupy and adjacent items or joinery it needs to match or complement.

Let us know any dimensions, features or specifications you are certain about.

If you have nothing to show us, then Gary will be able to provide assistance.

Generally, it is significantly more affordable to buy a high quality antique and then restore or alter it, than making something new. Additionally, it is likely to have a lot more embellishment per $ invested. It is also innately unique and antique, so is valued highly and will have great longevity.

Western custom manufacturing cannot compete against cheap, mass produced imports, unless the playing field is about longevity and ergonomics, gained by the synergistic incorporation of design, premium materials and traditional construction.

Neither of us will be alive to witness the truth of our long lived furnishings, but we both will see the mass produced items on the footpath for council pick up, in the very near future.

Today’s investments in GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen crafted furnishings, become tomorrow’s antiques and heirlooms, lasting literally centuries.

Today’s investments . . .
Tomorrow’s antiques and heirlooms!

D) Estimates to support claims against a tenant are typically not provided.

E) If you are making an insurance or transport damage claim…

It is wise to inform us upfront if you’d prefer a payout to a repair.

In such a case it is often better to get a valuation of a similar item.

In our experience, the insurance company or removalist are unlikely to pay out on a claim:

  • if you didn’t have insurance for a high enough value;
  • or if the item was already in a poor condition which exacerbated the new damage situation.

With over 35 years’ experience and a 100% customer satisfaction rate on all our insurance claim work, we can advise you on the best way to present your case.

Photo size required

The photo size needs to be between 200KB and 1MB, for ease of sending and downloading.

If you go too small, we cannot discern the detail.

If you go too large, it will take a lot longer for them to load and download.

Some email providers will only let you send approximately 5MB per email, so you may need to send a separate email with photo attachments for each of your items.

What to take photos of

Please provide a photo so the entire item fills the photo.

Then, if the area of concern is not obvious from that first photo, take additional close up photos.

If you have several items requiring estimates:

Take the first item’s photo in entirety, then it’s close up photos showing the damage; then take the second item’s photo in entirety; then it’s close ups; then the third item’s photo, in entirety, then it’s close ups, and so on.

You will find the correspondence a lot easier.

How to send photos

Please don’t send links to your photo albums for we cannot use links, due to our internet safety policy.

Send the actual jpgs/ photos as attachments to an email (

If you don’t have a computer or tablet, you can still send photos to us as attachments to SMS txt messages.

You may only be able to send one or two photos per SMS txt, depending on the app you are using.

You may or may not be aware that you can use mobile phone texting software to send photos to our email address (

Where the app says, “TO”, insert our email address.

Instead of a receivers phone number, you can insert a receivers email address.

Email Receipts

We acknowledge receipt of your emails, so you can have confidence in the sending process.

Polish damage

Take polish damage photos from the light angle which makes the damage show up most clearly in your photos.

Upholstered Items

Take photos of the front, side and back of any upholstered items.

Items from a set

If you have a set, (eg. a set of chairs), let us know how many items need repair.

Then just take a photo of a single item, which is in the worst condition, from that set. That way, our estimate will inform you of the worst case scenario.

Always inform us if you are providing one item, only, to be repaired, when it belongs to a set.

For we may require an additional item from that set, as a colour sample, to guide us.

Parts or Missing Parts

Please tell us if you have ALL the missing parts, or if you do not know if you have all the parts, or if you know you do not have the parts.

It is always wise to keep all parts, no matter how small, for it is a lot quicker to repair something with the parts, than to have to make or sell replacement parts.

Keep them in a box with the item, or tied to the item; or in an envelope tied to the item.

Please tell us if parts are not functioning correctly.

Fast turnaround

We are keen to promptly assist you in the provision of an estimate, and in the undertaking of the commissioned work.

Let us know if there is a reason you would like faster than standard service.

We prioritise insurance work as people have already suffered an upset.

We prioritise trade work, as those in the trade need to earn their living.

If you have another reason, perhaps illness, disability, or an event on, please let us know.

We schedule according to need, so we may assist as many clients as possible.

You are welcome to request an update on progress.

We are quite selective in the jobs we take on, and work strategically and collaboratively with our dedicated team of craftsmen and artisans. So, you won’t be encumbered with a long drawn out period of being without your furnishings and personal items.

You can be confident of having your job well done.

If a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well!


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. Free Quotes and Estimates for both insurance and private enquiries.