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For great longevity and high quality workmanship, invest in GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen French Polishing, French Polisher, Repair Polish. Traditional shellac, premium lacquer, wax and faux finishes. Also, Japanned or ebonised finishes. As traditional French Polishing artisans, we painstakingly retain original antique patinas, touching up and colour matching to wondrous effect. Alternatively, we can remove the original finish carefully, by hand, then repolish to your exacting requirements.

We are traditional French Polishing, French Polisher, Repair Polish artisans who are furniture makers and restorers of renown established in 1983. Our craftsmanship appeals to discerning clients who appreciate long lasting quality created using traditional techniques. We go the extra mile to maximise the value of treasured antiques, premium quality furniture and high end joinery. Our polishing and colour matching skills will impress and amaze.

We cover all styles including Provincial, Rustic, Country and Farmhouse, Louis, Rococo, Tudor, Elizabethan, Jacobean, William and Mary, Queen Anne, Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Arts and Crafts Movement, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Biedermeier, Oriental, Japanned and Lacquer finishes. Furniture manufactured by now defunct local companies including Harvey Bros, Bell Bros, Rosenstengel can be brought back to their former glory as well.

Past private, public and corporate commissions include antiques, heirlooms and bespoke and fine furniture as well as premium joinery, and vintage and prestige transport:

Table, chair, bench, settee, chaise, case, chest, writing box, jewellery box, chest of drawers, lowboy, tall boy, desk, bonheur du jour, armoire, bureau, sideboard, overmantel, bookcase, library furniture, clock, piano, display cabinet, bedside cabinet, bed, dressing table, cabinet, cupboard, credenza, linen press, davenport, day bed, dining suite, lounge suite, entertainment unit, dumb waiter, secretaires, escritoire, etagere, card table, games table, wicker, cane and basketry, statue, vintage telephone, stereo and radio cabinet, gramophone case and cabinet, standard lamp, occasional table, whatnot, Canterbury, chess and game board, picture frame, mirror frame, tray mobile, washstand, hall stand, and fine outdoor furniture, door, window, wainscoting (wall panel), architectural feature, architrave, fireplace, staircases, horse drawn vehicles, cars, yachts and jets.

Prior to commencement of any new French polishing work absolutely all old polish is carefully removed by hand. Caustic dips are not used, nor recommended as they are damaging. The chemicals permeate the timber grain and unsightly discolouration can appear between the timber and new finish over varying amounts of time following the repolishing. The integrity of the frame and carcass strength is tested, pre-polishing. Any loose or moving joints are traditionally re jointed, to maximise the longevity and integrity of the polish seal surround.

The surface is prepared with a light sand to retain patina, or proof of age, hence value. For new pieces, we sand to ever increasing degrees of fineness, until we attain a perfectly smooth and evenly level surface. Great care is taken to keep the quirks and mouldings sharp and defined using custom shaped sanding blocks and due diligence. We then grain fill and lightly stain to give the timber life. When light plays upon the finished surface you can see the crisp, clear polished finish and the natural beauty of the timber grain character . This is due in no small measure to dedicated workmanship, for multiple layers of shellac or premium lacquer are applied. Each layer is cut back by hand before the next layer is applied. Best of all, time is given for the drying process between each application. A full, yet clear polish is the reward. You cannot rush a good quality polishing job. A final wax over provides additional protection, and gives a mellow, olde, yet well maintained appearance. Even new items can be made to appear aged by highlighting highpoints and dulling down low points, giving one pause to wonder just how old an item really is. We also can apply physical faux patina, upon request.

Where touch up and conservation of the original polished finish is requested, we colour match after repairing deeper scratches and indentations, using various traditional tricks of the trade. Where new pieces are made to match existing pieces, the matching of polish colour and shine is precise. Only the most discerning expert would pick the difference!

For a wide range of finishes you need only ask. We do a diverse range of authentic finishes to honour the intention of the original manufacturer. Such finishes include natural oils, various waxes, coloured lacquer (a premium quality job, instead of merely painting furniture), japanned or ebonised finishes, and a wide variety of faux finishes and artistic effects can be achieved. A specialty field of our restoration and conservation work is for furniture featuring painted artwork.

Faux Finishes

Painted Finishes

Marine Finishes

Oriental Lacquer Finishes

Chinoiserie Finish

Ebonised Finish

Hand Drawn Elements

Embossed Paper Finishing

Traditional, Pure Shellac Finishes

Cane Faux Finish and Lacquer

Coloured Cane Binding

Faux Finishing Frames

Faux Marble Finishing and Stippling for Clocks


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen French Polishing – French Polisher – Repair Polish Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast