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GN Olsson Traditional Mastercraftsmen –
Furniture Maker – Antique Reproduction Furniture – Custom Furniture – Traditionally handcrafted with your choice of design, dimension & materials – timber, veneer, leather, superb fabrics, brass, gold, and much more.


Furniture Maker for Contemporary & classic styles of:

Side Table

Our people make traditionally handcrafted bespoke solid timber or cane furniture with your choice of style, design, dimension, materials & stained finish.

Generally speaking, if you can find what you want second hand, or as an antique, you will get a lot more value and craftsmanship for your money, than custom work.  This statement may lose us custom work, but it is true, and we believe honesty is the best policy.  There are wonderful carvings, inlays and other embellishments in antiques.  Though it is still possible to do intricate embellishments today, labour costs make them a high investment indeed.  We are happy to do discrete, complimentary, pre-purchase inspections of antiques, to help clients make informed decisions.  Post-purchase we can do restoration, conservation, conversions or alterations to make the piece work for your purpose.  Items can remain old looking, or we can make them look new again.


However, if you have:

  • searched and come up empty handed; or
  • decided to obtain something which rarely, if ever, is seen in antique shops (such as captain’s chairs, corner cabinets, rocking horses, robust dining chairs, dining suites with more than 6 chairs); or
  • limited space and choices, given the setting it needs to go in; or
  • a preference for new items; or
  • your own special design you’d like us to make; or
  • fallen in love with an idea you have seen (item, drawing, photo); or
  • decided on something that will match what you already have; or
  • chasing the wow factor, desiring a custom designed, unique and spectacular piece, then

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen – Furniture Maker – would be delighted to make your custom piece.

Cane Lounge


Ask us to work with you on design, be it a simple functional item,


a showpiece,


an artful masterpiece

Gary With Library

or that architectural feature that lifts your interior from ordinary to spectacular!

Floor Inlay

Be consumer aware!

We affectionately term mass produced furniture as “disposable” furniture, because it never lasts like fine furniture will.  False marketing claims abound for basic right through to high end so-called designer furniture.  Often they have a price to match their fine furniture tag, yet such items struggle to endure 5 – 10 years of functional life.  If the item requires frequent removal or is in a high use situation, its functional life is even less, as it annoyingly jams or falls to pieces.

In contrast, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, assist clients to discover pdfwhat makes fine furniture fine. Yes, our custom pieces will require a significantly higher investment up front.  However, if you divide the price over years of use, it turns out to be the wisest and most economical investment of all.  GN Olsson furniture will last long into the future, gaining in value, and well worth any maintenance investments from time to time over the decades and centuries to come.

Understandably, our slogan is:

Today’s investments . . . Tomorrow’s Antiques and Heirlooms!

Two Door Cabinet

Furniture maker for custom interiors, furniture, clocks, boxes and frames,

we do gallery or modern designs, or

alternatively, you may prefer a reproduction of antique style, or

perhaps an pdfexact replica (off a sample, drawing or photo).


We offer a complete design service, including thorough research, upon request.  We’ve kept designs from past projects, over the years, and patterns as well.  However, if you are going to get something custom made, you may as well invest in something unique which is exactly what you desire.  There is no need to compromise.

design drawing

We use the best materials and methods.

Ask us, before you believe those who would say that certain materials are no longer available.  We have an excellent network of suppliers, and search nationally and internationally, to ensure only premium authentic products go into your commissioned project.

For instance, pdfwe’ll go to great lengths to obtain premium timber to ensure we get the finest grade and grain character possible.  You can choose from fine local Australian timbers, or imported exotic timber, even recycled timber.  We make sure the best match is chosen for your furniture.

Bulk buyers of timber do gain lower prices which they may or may not pass onto clients.  However, packs of timber will contain a variety in quality.  Makers who buy in bulk packs, by necessity try to entice buyers to use the timber they have on hand.


At GN Olsson furniture maker, we keep a small stock of a wide variety of timbers, however, generally we buy the timber after the order.  This ensures you’ll get the right material for the job.  Over the years, Gary has developed an excellent relationship with timber yards, and is able to hand select individual pieces of timber from the pack.  Naturally he selects for strength and grain character, knowing exactly where on your job each piece will go for maximum impact.


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen use French Polishing andpdfother techniques to gain the desired  colour and shine.  Alternatively, we provide colour samples to ensure you get what you want.  We also use a range of high quality commercial and home recipe finishes, as it is important to have the right finish for a diverse range of applications.  These include, shellac, premium lacquers, wax, tung oil, outdoor furniture treatments, even premium 2pac polyurethane if required.

Library Seating

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen specialise in modern and pdftraditional upholstery. We are fastidious with our attention to detail when copying upholstery materials and methodsWe are nationally renown for our replica embossed leather custom service.  It is created with the highest level of precision on premium leathers.


GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen offer introductions to illustrious leather and fabric house establishments to ensure you are professionally assisted and advised on the perfect choice in leather, fabric and trim.


Nothing is too much trouble, as we source from throughout the world,various cane products, brass fittings, baise (felt), leather, ornamental tacks, veneers & inlay materials and gold.

We maximise the value and longevity of your treasured, commissioned piece.