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Custom Furniture Upholstery in Brisbane, Gold & Sunshine Coasts

For great longevity and high-quality upholstery workmanship, invest in GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen.

Whether you’re seeking traditional upholstery or re-upholstery services, we’ve got you covered. We are committed to both preserving the craft and embracing sustainability by recycling traditional inner materials. Additionally, we provide premium inner materials to ensure the longevity and comfort of your furniture. We also extend our trade discounts to you from the finest fabric and leather suppliers, both locally and internationally. Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship means your furniture will not only look exquisite but also stand the test of time.

antique upholstery
antique upholstery chairs

Established in 1983, we are renowned craftsmanship as traditional upholsterers and furniture makers and have set a standard in furniture restoration and creation. Catering to a clientele that cherishes quality, longevity, and comfort, our portfolio includes work on both antique treasures and high-quality modern pieces. We are known for our work on:

  • Parlour and lounge suites, including chaise lounges, ottomans, poufs, and footstools.
  • Dining suites, executive and office chairs, along with specialised seating for judiciary, parliament, chancellery, and church settings.
  • Prestigious reception chairs, comfortable bedroom and hall chairs, and versatile bench seats.
  • Restoration and reinvigoration of antique outdoor and cane furniture, cherished nursery furniture, and playful toys.
  • Bespoke built-in upholstered furniture, elegant bed heads, and ornate pelmets.
  • Artistic architectural decorative panels and intricate inlay work for furniture, boxes, and cases.
  • Upholstery services for vintage and prestigious transport vehicles, including cars, yachts, trains, and jets, as well as horse-drawn carriages.

Our dedication to the craft ensures that every piece, whether it’s for your home, office, or luxury transport, receives the utmost attention to detail, blending timeless techniques with modern aesthetics.

antique chair

Traditional upholstery methods are used for both antique and contemporary applications, whilst the inner materials vary depending upon the item. Materials used include natural fibres, coconut fibre, feathers and down, jute, hessian and horsehair.

We reupholster in the same manner as the original manufacturer would have done, reusing the cleaned, teased and aired inner materials, where appropriate, to maximise the originality and antique value.

Sprung seats, hand sewn stitched edges, pleats and diamond buttoning are offered and upon request we use latest technology premium modern foams for greater comfort and longevity of shape and form. For continuous and close studding upholstery commissions, we import premium quality plain and decorative studs from Europe.


chaise longue

We supply Introduction Cards to Brisbane’s best Fabric Houses and Leather Houses where soft furnishing specialists will assist clients to select appropriate fabrics sourced locally and overseas, to suit both tastes and budget. We receive trade discounts which we can pass on to our clientele. Should the leather need to be embossed, we do that at our workshop as well.

Executive Seating

Executive Desks and Boardroom Table Leather Inlays

Upholstered Display Cabinets

Upholstered Stools, Ottomans and Blanket Boxes

Ornate Bed Heads and Testers

Built In Seating

Modern Seating

Rustic Leather and Outdoor Upholstery

Jewellery, Cutlery Canteen, Display and Presentation Boxes

Card and Games Tables – Premium Baise (Strachan 100% Wool Felt)

Embossed Leather Panels

Gold Embossed Leather Inlays and Signage

Lamp Shades

Leather Shelf Edging

Premium Leather Tableware and Deskware

Restoration of Embossed Leather Furniture

Sword handles and Scabbards

Prestige and Vintage Car Upholstery Features

Horse Drawn Vehicle Seats

Prior to commencement of any reupholstery work, all old materials are removed, including all tacks and staples. The integrity of the upholstery frame and seating frame is checked for joint quality, being repaired if appropriate. As traditional antique restorers, we favour making custom-shaped clamping blocks to ensure you get the best joint possible whilst preventing damage to your timber frame. We use traditional hot animal glue, where appropriate, or modern two pack epoxy for proven strength and longevity.

We also supply and fit appropriate-style, custom-made corner blocks into the seat frames to maximise the longevity of the joints. We can attend to any other timber repair or polish work as well, as we are also traditional furniture makers and French polishers. Castors can be supplied, restored or repaired. For the care of your floors, non-scratch pads are affixed under the feet of furniture.

a chaise longue being restored

Investing in quality, traditional upholstery requires a significant upfront commitment. Yet, when measured in cost per year of usage, it proves to be exceptionally economical. This value becomes especially evident when contrasted with the short lifespan of inexpensive, mass-produced pieces, which often end up being considered as disposable furniture. Opting for traditional upholstery not only provides enduring elegance and comfort but also represents a wise, long-term investment in sustainability and craftsmanship.

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