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Military Items Repairs & Restoration

At GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen, our expertise in military piece restoration is not just a service, but a commitment to preserving history. Specialising in the meticulous restoration of honour boards, private military artefacts, and military furniture, GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen brings skilled craftsmanship to every project. Our dedication to using traditional techniques and authentic materials ensures that each piece not only retains its historical significance but is also restored to its former glory.

Some past RSL and Military Commissions by GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen

We have a proud history of collaborating with the RSL to preserve significant pieces of heritage. Our meticulous detail is steeped in respect for tradition that commemorates the valour and sacrifice of service member. Each commission is approached with a deep understanding of its importance and a commitment to upholding the legacy it represents.

Eumundi Honour Boards replaced missing carvings and overall restoration. Damaged, missing wreath.

The restoration of the Eumundi Honour Boards was a delicate task that involved meticulous attention to detail. We addressed damage, replaced missing carvings, and reconstructed a missing wreath, ensuring that the boards were respectfully restored to their original condition to continue honouring the names they bear.

Before Restoration

 After Restoration

Burke Shire Council Honour Boards

Our restoration of the Burke Shire Council Honour Boards involved careful craftsmanship to both preserve and honour the historical significance of the boards. Our work ensured that the legacy embedded in these boards remains a lasting tribute to community members.


Restoration of the Queensland Coat of Arms – The metal casting was taken from an Elvin Harvey (who taught Gary his trade) wood carving.

The restoration of the Queensland Coat of Arms showcases our their ability to blend traditional techniques with historical preservation. We worked on a metal casting derived from a wood carving by Elvin Harvey.

qld coat of arms restoration


Queensland Treasury gifts lined in leather, embossed and gilded.

Various private military artefact commissions

GN Olsson Mastercraftsmen specialise in the detailed restoration of private military artefacts, ensuring each piece is meticulously brought back to its historical essence with the utmost respect for its provenance.

royal australian navy pilots log book

Royal Australian Navy pilots log book






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